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Our Mission

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Our Mission

The primary mission of the Armor 4 Troops Foundation is to provide new and replacement "state-of-the-art" anti-ballistic eyewear, Under-Armour, personal gear, and other critical equipment and services directly to United States troops in the field that are currently engaged in war zones or other peacekeeping and humanitarian missions throughout the world where combat violence is a threat.

Our secondary mission is to help provide financial assistance to families of our critically wounded troops that have been admitted to Walter Reed Hospital or Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, D.C. for severe trauma treatment. We will also provide a variety of "after-care" services to our critically wounded troops that have sustained the loss of limb or eyesight.

Plan of Action

The Armor 4 Troops Foundation has developed a simple plan of action that has already proven to be successful in providing needed equipment to our troops in the field.

Listen to our troops when they tell us what they need.

Continue raising monies through private donations to pay for equipment and services.

Purchase equipment and services as close to the source as possible.

Expedite the delivery and distribution of equipment and services directly to our troops in the field.

Our American troops need your help.

Your donation will directly benefit our American troops who are risking their lives everyday in service to our country so that we may all continue to live in freedom with liberty at home.



Statue of Liberty

Our number one goal was to provide one thousand (1,000) pairs of protective anti-ballistic eyewear to our American troops in the field by the end of 2005. We accomplish this on Dec 16, 2005. Our goal for year 2006 is to provide an additional 2,000 pairs of anti-ballistic eyewear to our American Heroes fighting the battles on the front lines. We accomplish this goal and provided a total of 5,000 pairs of the Anti-Ballistic eyewear to our troops in year 2006.

In addition to specific tactical requests, we would also like to provide a personal gear package that would include protective anti-ballistic eyewear, protective clothing and emergency gear including the equipment listed below to at least two thousand (2,000) of our American troops.

1. One pair of protective anti-ballistic eyewear

2. One set of Under Armour which will include a  heat-gear shirt and pair of compression shorts

3. One military grade combat multi-tool

4. Current releases or Inspirational DVD or CD

5. Many different Hygiene products

6. Reading material to fill their off duty times

For our American heroes who have sustained a permanent loss of sight or disabling injury as a result of combat-related wounds received in Iraq or Afghanistan , the Armor 4 Troops Foundation would like to provide the following services:

1. One "guide dog" and the related training of the dog for an American Hero. We have entered into negotiations with a seeing eye breeder and trainer. The total cost of training and maintenance is quite high.

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